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A Lovely Question

While this question may not be visually appealing, perhaps you will find it lovely in how challenging it may be.

Have you planned Valentine's Day yet?

Not just what you want to do as in the dinner, card, flowers, movie, or however you wish to show your significant other how important they are to you, but how you will pay for it!

I suspect that many of us, even if we did make our February budget in January, we may have not thought ahead enough to plan for Valentine's Day. I fall into this trap on occasion myself.

If this is speaking to you right now, I suggest you set a limit first on how much your budget can handle for Valentine's Day. Can it handle $10, $20, or $50? Are you set to a $0 limit? Can you bring some of the big bucks for a bigger celebration?

Whatever your limit is, I encourage you to stick to it. Get creative! Find new and interesting ways show love and affection within your limits. You may be surprised what you can come up with and how much it can mean when you put the effort into something special instead of just buying the love you seek.

However your Valentine's Day works out for you (no matter your relationship status), I wish you the best time dreaming up ideas and then implementing them!

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