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Making A Difference (In California)

Photo by Michael Held on Unsplash

It's a cheesy title, admittedly, but today lets discuss a way you truly can make a difference. Earlier this year, parts of California were devastated by enormous wildfires that swept through entire communities, destroying just about everything. Families lost homes, business owners lost stores, kids lost parks and playgrounds.

One of the bright spots is the outpouring of support from others to help these people get back on their feet. So much so that charities have started requesting that people STOP sending things like food, water, and clothing as the charities are inundated with physical goods. While that seems like a good problem to have, what they really need is for people to give cash.

That's right, in this hard time, people need the flexibility given by cold, hard cash. Charities like the American Red Cross are also strongly suggesting people donate gift cards to places like WalMart, Target, gas stations (Shell, Chevron), or local grocery stores. Doing this allows the recipients to decide for themselves what they need most urgently. Not only will you be helping to meet their needs, you will be empowering them to make the decisions that are right for their circumstances.

If this is something you'd like to help with, reach out to the American Red Cross (link below) or see if your local church is in contact with groups that are providing this kind of help. Our church is currently asking for these kinds of donations.

As I wrote about a few weeks ago, giving is one of the very best things we can do with money. As we manage it well and are thusly blessed, this is an amazing way to help others.

Merry Christmas!

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