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So, What Is Financial Coaching?

Photo by Ian Stauffer on Unsplash

Recently, I was reading online about the origin of the word "coach." In fact, you can read the same article here.

Please take a few minutes to read the linked article. I will be here when you get back.

In summary, a coach is someone who quickly and comfortably "carries" clients to their desired destination. Financial Coaches do this for your specific financial goals. We ask questions and provide important, relevant information. But we also inject hope into our clients' situations that encourages and supports the client's process of change.

Are you struggling with monthly cash flow? Do the bills seem to keep piling up and you don't see how you can get control of them? Are you in a comfortable money situation but wondering what to do next? Do you want to start planning and saving for retirement but don't know where to start?

A "yes" answer to any of the above questions is a reason to reach out to a Financial Coach. You can request a complimentary consultation here. This consultation is to explore your situation so we both can better understand where you want to go financially. From there you can decide if a coaching relationship is right for your needs.

Whether your goals are saving more money for emergencies or retirement, paying off debt, or just getting clarity on what your goals really are, we can help you. We want to join you where you are at and help you get on the right path to where you want to go financially.

Request your complimentary consultation today!

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